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Sumitomo Chemical submits registration application for new INDIFLINTM fungicide

Feb. 13, 2018

Sumitomo Chemical has submitted applications for registration of its new fungicide INDIFLINTM (ISO common name: inpyrfluxam) to regulatory authorities in Japan, Argentina, the United States, Canada and Brazil.

INDIFLINTM, a novel fungicide active ingredient discovered by Sumitomo Chemical, belongs to a class of compounds known as succinate dehydrogenase inhibitors (SDHI) that have a mode of action inhibiting energy production process in pathogenic fungi. Evaluations conducted in-house and externally have ascertained that INDIFLINTM exhibits high efficacy against a broad range of plant diseases on various crops, such as rice sheath blight, Asian soybean rust, cereal rusts, apple scab, and sugar beet root rot and foliar blight. INDIFLINTM is expected to offer new solutions capable of controlling such major diseases on important crops.

Fungicide products containing INDIFLINTM will be commercially launched in the above-listed countries in 2020 or later, following approval from relevant regulatory authorities. Going forward, Sumitomo Chemical will continue to develop INDIFLINTM products in other countries, too, with the aim of making INDIFLINTM available globally.

Life sciences, including agrochemicals, are likely to show high growth in the future. Given the prospects, Sumitomo Chemical positions life science as one of its key business domains in which the Company should seek further business expansion. Among other things, Sumitomo Chemical will reinforce development of new agro-solutions that will cater to specific needs of growers, thereby contributing to meeting an ever-growing demand for increased food production as the world’s population continues to rise.


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